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Bridges Unlimited President Surveys Central Asian Air Quality

For immediate release
November 12, 2004

Carol E. Lyons, President of Bridges Unlimited LLC (www.Bridges-Unlimited.com), conducted a survey of urban and regional air quality in the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Uzbekistan in September and October 2004. As part of a cultural tour across China and Uzbekistan, Ms. Lyons was able to observe critical air pollution challenges in central Asia. In China’s industrial urban areas, air quality is often extremely poor due to the use of coal for fuel. Superimposed on the coal combustion emissions are rapidly increasing emissions from motor vehicles. While the sale of cars is limited in China compared to western countries, the concentration of motor vehicles on the streets of major Chinese cities has increased dramatically in the last 15 years since private ownership of cars has been allowed.

Dust storms associated with increasing areas of desert across northern China frequently cause serious air pollution episodes.

The Chinese government and non-governmental organizations are working to combat the pollution problems on numerous fronts. The government is striving to improve public transportation in cities. Several agencies and organizations are working on massive tree and vegetation planting programs to combat desertification. In particular, Beijing is working to improve air quality for the 2008 Olympics.

However, rapid increases in industrial development are making the air pollution control efforts very difficult.

In Uzbekistan, limited economic resources challenge every aspect of environmental protection and improvement.

More information about Ms. Lyons and Bridges Unlimited can be found at www.Bridges-Unlimited.com.