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Bridges Unlimited President Presents Innovative Environmental Solution Strategy to the Consortium for Research and Education on Emerging Contaminants (CREEC)

For Immediate Release
Bridges Unlimited LLC
Contact: Carol E. Lyons, 303-388-5211

November 21, 2005 -- Carol E. Lyons, President of Bridges Unlimited LLC, and Kristen Gray, University of Denver Graduate Student, presented a poster on “Solving the Complex Challenge of Trace Contaminants in Wastewater” to the CREEC Emerging Contaminants Workshop on October 27, 2005 in Longmont, Colorado. Ms. Lyons spoke about an innovative proposal to address this complex environmental challenge.

Bridges Unlimited is dedicated to improving the environment through technically sound and economic pollution prevention, reduction, and control. The company provides integrated environmental engineering services, specializing in pollution prevention and regulatory compliance.

The proposed integrated approach to emergent contaminant problems includes involvement of all potential stakeholders and beneficiaries, from drug manufacturers to pharmacies, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, and hospices to recreational interests, in addition to the conventional interests of wastewater treatment, drinking water suppliers, government agencies, and the scientific community in a collaborative project to conduct objective scientific and economic analysis. Prevention of contamination would be a big component of the proposed independent and objective project to determine effective and affordable solutions.

Ms. Lyons and Ms. Gray were the only presenters at the CREEC workshop, held in conjunction with the South Platte Forum, to propose pollution prevention as a potential strategy to solve this problem. They are looking forward to future collaboration with other interested groups and individuals in tackling this challenge. Please visit www.Bridges-Unlimited.com for more information, or contact:

Carol E. Lyons, President, Bridges Unlimited LLC
303-388-5211; www.Bridges-Unlimited.com