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Bridges Unlimited Links To Leading Israeli Environmental Organization

For immediate release
February 28, 2005

Bridges Unlimited has established a link with the leading independent environmental protection organization in Israel. Carol E. Lyons, President of Bridges Unlimited LLC (www.Bridges-Unlimited.com), met with Ms. Frances Ran, Development Director of the Israel Union for Environmental Defense (IUED; www.iued.org.il), in Tel Aviv, Israel in January to discuss issues of mutual interest.

IUED is a membership-based organization founded in 1990. In Israel, it is known by its Hebrew name, Adam Teva V’Din, or Man, Nature, and Law. In the United States, IUED is affiliated with Friends of Israel’s Environment, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. IUED was established as Israel’s leading environmental advocacy organization, using the course, independent scientific analysis and public campaigns to address Israel’s environmental challenges.

In their meeting, Ms. Ran and Ms. Lyons discussed air pollution problems in Israel, caused by coal-fired power plants, poorly regulated industries, and motor vehicles – all topics that Bridges Unlimited is very familiar with. Ms. Lyons was the project manager of the landmark Metro Denver Brown Cloud Study on urban air pollution designed to achieve scientific answers for visible air pollution problems, especially related to coal-fired electric power generation, mobile sources, industry, and residential wood burning.

Israel faces many extreme environmental challenges that American environmental engineers, such as Bridges Unlimited, have already tackled. Israel is currently developing and implementing its first Clean Air Act, while the U.S. has gone through several iterations of the Clean Air Act.

After the initial meeting with IUED, the two organizations agreed to maintain contact to exchange ideas and information.

More information about Ms. Lyons and Bridges Unlimited can be found at www.Bridges-Unlimited.com.