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Air Quality Consultant Honored by Women Engineers

Bridges Unlimited LLC
Contact: Carol E. Lyons, 303-388-5211

July 1, 2004 -- Carol E. Lyons, President of Bridges Unlimited LLC, received a special Certificate of Achievement from the Society of Women Engineers Rocky Mountain Section at its spring Honors and Awards Dinner in Denver recently.

The certificate was presented to Ms. Lyons “with deepest gratitude for her many contributions and outstanding service.” The Society of Women Engineers Rocky Mountain Section is celebrating its 50th anniversary year. The certificate was presented by Section president, Jennifer Halstead.

Ms. Lyons has been active in the Society of Women Engineers, Rocky Mountain Section, for over twenty years. She has provided career guidance for girls and young women interested in a career in engineering. She has also been the speaker at many Society of Women Engineers events on technical and social topics, including the 1987-88 landmark Metro Denver Brown Cloud Study on urban air pollution designed to achieve scientific answers for visibility problems in Denver, the effectiveness of oxygenated gasoline for air pollution control, residential wood smoke pollution control, and small business stationary source air pollution control.

Established in 1986, Bridges Unlimited LLC provides integrated environmental engineering services, specializing in air pollution prevention, reduction, control, and compliance. The firm is dedicated to achieving clean air through practical, cost-effective engineering tailored to customers' needs. Bridges Unlimited cleans up pollution problems and simplifies regulatory compliance for industry, the community, and the government. Bridges Unlimited provides comprehensive environmental compliance, including technical analysis, measurements, reporting, permit applications, training, and record keeping.

For more information about air pollution control and clean air, please contact Carol Lyons at 303-388-5211 or visit www.Bridges-Unlimited.com.

For information about the Society of Women Engineers, visit www.SocietyofWomenEngineers.org.