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Managed residential wood smoke pollution reduction project in Lincoln County, Montana which resulted in dramatic decreases in particulate air pollution.

  Facilitated innovative engineering analyses as process engineer for Amoco Production Company for oil and gas exploration and production in the western United States.
  Designed, implemented environmental compliance programs while engineering improved manufacturing and production.
  Managed the landmark urban air pollution study, the 1987-88 Metro Denver Brown Cloud Study, designed to achieve scientific answers for visibility problems in Denver; responsible for the success of the $1.5 million, 14-month private sector / public-sponsored study.
  Developed and implemented long-term successful comprehensive corporate environmental training, environmental management systems, and internal audit programs.
  Administered air pollution monitoring, modeling, analysis, and control; directed corporate air quality discipline; coordinating work of 50 staff members in 15 offices.
  Designed and implemented the Small Business Stationary Source Air Pollution Technical Compliance Assistance program for Pennsylvania, serving 30,000 regulated businesses.
  Created environmental training programs including industrial training for operating engineers, compliance briefings for corporate management and government executives.
  Implemented customer service-oriented environmental compliance programs.
  Chaired 3 advisory committees of the Brown Cloud Study; technical, socio-economic, and peer review, with all scientific, government, industry, and community stakeholders.

Rebuilt deteriorating oil company relations with federal, state, and local environmental agencies, designing effective government partnerships and educating company personnel.

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