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Bridges Unlimited Team Member

Nauset Environmental Services
P.O. Box 1385
East Orleans, MA 02643


More and more people are being affected adversely by poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The professional staff of Nauset Environmental Services, Inc. (NES) and its Principal Scientist, William M. Vaughan, PhD, have responded by developing and offering IAQ services since the early 1980s. IAQ is a complex area where biological, physical, chemical and even psychological factors can play a role, singly or in a mix. There is no single IAQ parameter to be measured that can tell whether the indoor air is harmful, merely irritating, or acceptable. BEFORE measurements are made (often at considerable expense), it is best to carry out an investigation to identify possible problems and focus testing and/or remediation on the potential source areas identified. NES's staff looks at the 'big picture' before jumping into possibly unnecessary measurements. They have conducted hundreds of residential and commercial investigations.

Located in Massachusetts, NES serves the New England area and has offered phone consulting for other parts of the country. Contact NES at 800-931-1151 or nesinfo@capecod.com.

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