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Bridges Unlimited Team Member

Chemical Engineering Consulting Services LLC
Yves Parent, Ph.D.
3925 Douglas Mountain Drive
Golden, Colorado 80403-7701 U.S.A.
voice: (303) 278-0827
fax: (303) 273-5405
e:mail: YvesParent@wispernet.net

Chemical process analysis and design
• Heat and mass transfer phenomena
• Reaction engineering
• Solid adsorbents and catalysts manufacturing

Separation systems design
• Adsorption / purification
• Filtration / recovery
• Adsorbent synthesis, selection, characterization

Systems trouble shooting

Reactor design
• Data analysis
• Process scale up
• Heterogeneous, packed / fluid bed

Heat and Mass Transfer
• Process and system design
• Equipment specification


Adsorption science & engineering
• Synthesis and characterization
• Gas phase and liquid phase applications; bulk and trace compounds
• Desiccant cooling system design and operation

• Material synthesis and characterization
• Production scale up and manufacturing
• Photocatalytic oxidation systems engineering

Engineering design, experiment planning & data interpretation
• VOC pollution control
• Energy efficiency analysis
• Bench scale and pilot plant design and operations

Computer wizardry
• Apple Macintosh® computer software, hardware, systems & network expertise

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1979
B.S., M.S., Chemical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Québec 1973/1975
Fluent in English and French

• Chemical Engineering Consulting Services, 1996-present
• National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 1991-1996
• Davison Chemical Division, W. R. Grace & Co., 1981-1991
• 5 U.S. patents

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